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    I've been very creative since my childhold days. I decorated our tree house, dressed up all my dolls in outfits, made out of the simplest thing event tissue paper which i would draw on. I have a passion for acting and doing arts and craft.

    I love to express my work threw colours.

    My interest in handbags started when we we're invited to our friends beautiful wedding and I didn't seem to find an handbag that I really loved.


    I love expressing myself threw my different handbag collections. To create a bag that woman can fall in love with, a bag that expresses them, something playful and cheeky.

    I have a passion for travelling to many different countries and places. I found myself on the beautiful Island of Bali. This Island is a huge inspiration for my bags as I really like playing around with Indonesian fabrics and materials. This a great way to express yourself.

    When I choose our brand store name "Who Let The Fox Out" I wanted to create a brand that's playful, feminime, and cheeky.

    I'm very passionate about exploring new trends and creating new bags while getting inspired from streetwear. I'm working together with local craft man who help me to create this beautiful bags.

    All of the pieces in my Who Let The Fox Out shop are unique and handmade, and out a lot thoughts into them before launching them.

    Owner Who Let the Fox Out